Fear To Freedom

Transforming your mind, letting go of the past and creating a life you deserve | taught by Emma Gibbs-Ng

Course description

Congratulations and Welcome to Fear to Freedom, I am so excited for you and I know your life will change as a result of doing this program.

Now is the time to show up, be accountable and have fun.

Lets make this journey one of true growth and development leading you to create a Mindset that is geared for success and true happiness.

This online program gives you an insight to all the Mindset techniques I have used to help me build my business, overcome multiple Traumas, miscarriages, redundancy , fall pregnant and create the life I want.

This programs includes everything you need to create a daily routine that will transform your life and create a powerful, positive mindset.

You know you are meant for something more!

And this mini program is perfect to help you follow your passions and find that something big!

You CAN create a mindset for success.

You CAN create a life that gives you freedom, happiness and quality time.

This mini mindset program includes workbooks, videos and guided visualisations to help you every step of the way.

We will cover:

  • journaling for success
  • letting go of the past
  • your choices
  • dream boards
  • the power of exercise and music
  • self care

And as a bonus, just for you, I have also included a financial abundance visualisation.

You have instant, lifetime access to the program and you can complete the program from home, in your own time. You also get email support from me. There is also a Facebook Group I'd love you to join where you can connect with other likeminded ladies.

I am so excited for you and I can't wait to see what you achieve!


This is the best investment you can make to sky rocket your mindset to create your own success!

Go ahead and get started today!

It's a fabulous journey you can start right this very minute...

Emma Gibbs-Ng
Emma Gibbs-Ng

As a Mindset Success and Life Coach, I love nothing more than working with amazing women, like you, helping you identify your “why”, to take that leap of faith (like I did), to trust yourself and to really start to follow your dreams.

You really can achieve anything you want, it just takes courage, strength and positivity, all of which you have within you, in abundance. It’s just a case of unlocking your internal resources, dreaming big and using fear to propel you forward, instead of holding you back.